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Thread: Nikon 200-400mm AFSVR

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    Nikon 200-400mm AFSVR

    For sale is a mint version of this lens, c/w rear cap, shade, Nikon case and wimberly foot, no camera or tripod. Incredible lens, I live in Canada, have good feedback on ebay (petermarrek) and will accept paypal, add 40.00 for shipping
    Cost is 5100.C Photo of the hawk is a 100%crop handheld, chek the hairs by the beak.
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    Re: Nikon 200-400mm AFSVR

    Which version is this lens? How old is it? Are you taking OBO's?

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    Re: Nikon 200-400mm AFSVR

    versionI,app. 2 1/2 years

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