I'd posted this awhile ago on FM, but it sat. It's probably not the best place to move film gear. So, I'll try here.

I'd like $1675 (net) for this combination - read on for the details. It's copy from the previous sales post on FM - where I have positive references, for the curious
M3 + Summaron 35 (LTM) + SBLOO + LTM-M adapter + front lens cap
Item condition: 8+ Shows moderate wear or finish marks
Shipping instructions: Buyer pays shipping

I bought a lens so must divest of "something else".

Hence I'm selling my Leica M3 single stroke with extras. The M3's serial number is in the low 80K range, during Ike's first administration.

It was overhauled by DAG camera repair in November 2011 - a complete clean, lubrication and adjust. The wind mechanism was changed to single-stroke action but I do have the old mechanism if you want it. It went into DAG with a "Y" seal on the flange screw, and now bears his "92".

The lens elements of the Summaron 3.5 (thread mount) were cleaned and the lens components re-lubricated. It comes with a matched LTM->M adapter bearing the same serial number as the lens, and the lenscap is included.

Lastly, there is an SBLOO finder to round out the ensemble.

Condition wise, it's not a collector's M3 but most certainly isn't a beater either. There is noticeable wear on the bottom plate, as well as a pronounced "dink" in the top plate near the "M3" engraving. It's not deep but it is the first thing you'll notice. The finish by "ERNST LEITZ" has a light, squiggly scratch in the finish as well. The vulcanite is in excellent condition (97%?) with a small corner or two where it's become slightly tacky. By small I mean less than 1/8th an inch.

There are sundry user marks in the finishes and parts in other places, such as the exterior of the film door, and obviously one of the synchronization plugs is "new", but the set is in great cosmetic condition overall. The M3's viewfinder is slightly yellowed from age but is wholly intact, as evidenced by the included photo.

In my photos I've tried to illustrate the things mentioned - also you may note a strange angled stripe top deck finish - that is merely the precise focus plane which in the photos renders the M3's finish differently before spreading to OOF areas. Woot, good macro lens!

After DAG's earlier tune-up, this ensemble should have many years of trouble-free operation ahead of it before another stop at the shop is necessary. I believe I am only the second owner.

This set I believe has been together since bought new in the mid-'50s and I do not want to split any of the components, my apologies. What you see in the photos is what's included.