Hi: I am selling this Aristo Platinum Printer in excellent condition. Have a perfect rating of almost 300 @100% on ebay - seller name "viswan". $900 OBO.

I also have an estate from a collector of 97 cameras..... Exacta's, Minoltas, Yashica, Konicas, Olympus, etc. Let me know if you are looking for any particular camera....

The Aristo Platinum Printing Contact Printer designed for the master printer who demands the best equipment possible, is now available to everyone who prints with platinum or palladium.
The Platinum Printer is a contact printer that handles materials up to 11 x 14". The unit is equipped with Aristo's long life cold cathode lamp which emits the bulk of its energy in the (350 nm) ultraviolet region.
Thermo control and heater insure complete uniform illumination over the entire format. It maintains optimum operating temperature (approximately 120F), insuring peak illumination from the start.
The hinged cover and clasp are adjustable to insure even pressure.
A Compact unit with average printing speeds of 4 minutes on platinum and 20-30 seconds on photo resists and similar materials.
Shipping weight is about 45 lbs.