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Thread: WTS/wtt Leica R Telyt 800mm and 400mm (1x+2x)

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    WTS/wtt Leica R Telyt 800mm and 400mm (1x+2x)

    I sold the 280and 1.4x and have the 400mm Modular head and both the 1x and 2x so you have both FL here.
    I see a 400/2.8 asking $14,000 on ebay and the same 1x,2x and 400mm just rediced from $19,000 to $17,000!


    I will sell combo for $13,999. I will also consider trade for MINT (and under warranty) M9-P and cash (or M9-P, even LN M9) and certain Leica lenses (the light ones) 28/2.8, 18mm, 50/2 or others.

    I would sell the 400 with one focus module but you need to make an offer as the other would be an orphan.

    let me know

    PS I also Have an R sliding back from Kapture group that could be converted to H or M/P back (it is C 645 now)


    PS; hardly used, excellent condition, original boxes and caps. There were no cases, but I have a BIG shipping case that I will throw in that takes these and more. "like Pelican, but better! :-)

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    Re: WTS/wtt Leica R Telyt 800mm and 400mm (1x+2x)

    I like to buy your 400mm + 2x focus module.

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