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Thread: FS: Canon 0.95 Dream Lens, excellent, $1900.00

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    FS: Canon 0.95 Dream Lens, excellent, $1900.00

    Hi Folks,

    I've bought a number of things on GetDPI and have been around for a long time on and off. Have 100% feedback on ebay as dnp607 and am on Rangefinder too :-) Local to Northern California Bay area and can meet for a sale if you're here.

    That said, I have a cherry Canon Dream 0.95 Dream Lens to sell. Was going to have it converted for leica M but I'm in need of cash for all sorts of things to get a new show together.

    No haze, fungus or scratches that I can see on close inspection - smooth action and no oil! It appears in excellent condition.

    $1900.00, plus paypal fees and shipping. The only thing I'd consider in trade would be a seriously nice auto paper printer that could handle 16" or 20" (preferred) papers.

    Larger images:

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    Re: FS: Canon 0.95 Dream Lens, excellent, $1900.00

    Bump, off to the evil auction site soon...

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