Offering my Leica M8 in silver with a brand new shutter and warranty from a Leica Dealer until January 2013, due to lack of use since receiving my M9.

The camera was used carefully and therefore looks excellent (see pictures), although some small usage marks could of course not be avoided. Most visible are the marks on the sides of the camera top-plate (please look closely at the slight indent next to the frame counter) and two smaller marks on the display. I actually thought this was an air bubble under the screen protector until I got the camera back from Leica without the screen protector. It looks like a slightly deeper scratch and has a similar effect on the display image as an air bubble - maybe it can be filled in with one of these scratch-filling liquids to remove it.

The bottom of the camera still has the protective film and looks flawless to me (it might even be a new bottom plate that Leica put on during the service, since the sticker on it looks different to me.

Delivered with the original box, cables, charger, instructions etc., as well as the test certificate of the repair in Solms in just came back from and the purchase receipt.

Due to its good condition, the warranty and the brand new shutter (the most important element in terms of wear and tear I think) I am asking for 1900 or best offer. Paypal is possible, but the buyer has to cover the costs. For now I am only offering this in the European Union + EFTA area.

A matching thumb grip, as well as a 46mm UV/IR-Filter can be bought at the same time if required.

Feel free to contact me for any other questions or more detailed pictures. Larger versions of the pictures can be seen at For Sale - a set on Flickr