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Thread: FS: Crown Graphic W/ 152 4.5 Kodak Ektar lens.

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    FS: Crown Graphic W/ 152 4.5 Kodak Ektar lens.

    For sale is a Crown Graphic with a 152mm 4.5 Ektar Lens. I haven't used either in awhile, just been sitting on my shelf. Last time I used it though, it worked perfectly. The rangefinder is not calibrated (I don't particularly use the rangefinder for anything). Also there is a piece broken on the film loader. It doesn't affect loading film or affect image quality whatsoever. It exposes a little bit of the spring in the back. I used this thing to shoot skateboarding and used the ground glass, which is in great condition. The focusing is smooth on the tracks as well.

    As for the lens, it's in good shape. It's got some dust inside of it but hasn't affected image quality at all. I've scanned and printed large with this and didn't have any issues with the lens condition. Shutter speeds are accurate and changing f-stops is smooth.

    I'm looking to get rid of this stuff so I'll keep the prices low and reasonable. I can't recall exactly how much I spent on it all, I think somewhere around $450. If you want to buy both together, I can do $220 paypal'd. Otherwise $115 for the lens and $115 for the camera.

    US ONLY and PAYPAL only too! I'm shipping from San Diego. Email me at [email protected] <-- don't forget the middle initial.

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    Re: FS: Crown Graphic W/ 152 4.5 Kodak Ektar lens.


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