A set of highly collectible Nikon F SLR for consideration. Its only lacking the non meter head to complete a full set of Nikon F and prisms. I'm letting go due to lack of space in dry cabinet. This is a classic camera which kinda beat the Leica M3 into world dominance. Everything is working, but some finders have inaccurate meter readings. However, the most modern FTN finder is accurate and was used recently to shoot a roll of slides.

Included in package:

1) Nikon F in great condition
2) Nikkor 105mm f2.5 Non-AI (Sonnar formula, Good condition)
3) Nikon Photonic finder (non-TTL, working, not accurate)
4) Nikon Photonic finder v2 (non-TTL, working, not accurate)
5) Nikon FT finder (TTL, working, accurate)
6) Nikon FTN finder (TTL, working, accurate)
7) Nikon Waist level finder
8) Original Nikon F leather case
9) Nikon F Box

Reference for finder info:
Nikon F Finders

Looking at $750USD + shipping

I'm located in Singapore