Hi guys, i'm selling my MAMIYA/ P1 645DF body + Leaf Aptus II 8 (40MPX) + Lenses
all gear is 1 year old Mint condition, first hand, comes as original Store equipment.
serial numbers + verifications will provide for serious buyers only.

Lenses included :

MAMIYA 75-150D mm F/4 Autofocus
Schneider 80mmD Leaf Shutter f/2.8 Autofocus
Mamiya 55mmD f/2.8 Autofocus
Mamiya 35mm F/3.5 Manual Focus, great wide angle lens, very sharp
Mamiya 150mm F/3.5 Manual Focus, great portrait lens, very sharp

All gear comes with original LEAF hard Case, great for travellers.

If you don't know me - i'm familiar with Leaf / Phaseone company
You can read about me & my work at Leaf's Website.

Leaf News - Shay Kedem

I'm selling all equipment as one.
please contact me at email - [email protected]