Selling my Contax 350mm Tele-Apotessar as it just does not get used for my work. This lens is in excellent condition, with pristine glass and only one small mark on the body. Will ship in the original box with the original caps, metal hood, case and paperwork.

The image quality can only be called remarkable with no flaws. This is the longest and fastest APO lens for medium format. The bokeh of this lens is the smoothest, creamiest I have ever seen from any lens, anywhere. It is an amazing optical instrument and will take you art to the next level, especially those shooting digital backs on their Contax.

Also for sale is the matched Zeiss 1.4 mutar teleconverter for 645. This is in "like new" condition. This converts the lens to a 500mm 5.6! This becomes actually useful for wildlife shots. Also, with the excellent close focus of the lens, it is useful for flowers and semi-macro subjects with a very long working distance.

Price is $4500 for the lens and $850 for the converter.

Payment via pay pal. Shipping at actual cost and I recommend insured shipping so allow about $75.00 but only actual cost will be charged. Shipping to pay pal verified addresses only.

i hope this lens finds a good home with someone who can make the most of it!

This is my first post here, but I have 5 star feedback on ebay (guynmaribi) and "great" ratings on Fredmiranda as well.