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Thread: Black Leica M8u (M8.2 upgrade)

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    Black Leica M8u (M8.2 upgrade)

    I'm selling this Leica M8u for a good friend of mine.

    I was considering purchasing it for myself; but I have a wedding to pay for soon enough so this will have to go onto a lucky individual.

    This is a very gently used Leica M8u.
    This M8 was sent to Leica Camera in NJ, USA on Oct 27, 2008.

    The M8u upgrades were performed:
    - Sapphire glass
    - Upgraded Frame lines
    - Upgraded shutter mechanism; 1/4000th maximum shutter speed

    Using M8info, the shutter actuation count is: 9399

    It was purchased used from a Leica dealer, and has an factory test certificate issued on December, 2009.

    The black body has light usage all around. There isn't a specific area where there's more use. It was gently cared for and stored in a bag when not used, or on a shelf.

    I used the camera in multiple instances to make sure there wasn't any green ghosting with lights/highlights, I exposed with body cap on to ensure there are no dead pixels, and i've zoomed into 100% images to double check there aren't any red lines or dead pixels.

    I used this camera this morning to reacquaint myself with the M8 series, and have to admit, i'd get one of these if (and when) I do go back to an digital M. Truly an amazing camera for a great price these days, and involving. I as mostly out getting some sample shots to post with this.

    When you half press the shutter, I noticed the readout is slightly different than my old M8, and half-pressing turns on a light next to the shutter speed to lock the exposure value.

    The are no visible scratches on the rear sapphire screen, there is one or two dust specks behind the glass though. The screen has no coffee stain issue or any of that.

    The viewfinder is crisp and clear, I think I saw one spec of dust in the viewfinder from the outside, when using it there is no issues.

    The box has some wear to it, someone seems to have gotten anxious and tore a bit of the flap which locks the top fold in, and the cardboard where it holds the camera case.

    The only slight issue with this whole camera kit is the owner was a smoker, and the entire kit smells a little bit of smoke must. Surely over a bit of time it'll go away, or maybe a box of baking soda placed near it will dissipate it.

    Accessories included:
    - Leica Charger
    - Leica Battery
    - Leica Strap
    - Leica CD's, booklet, Leica documentation for used equipment and M8u upgrade sheet
    - Front body cap

    I've uploaded a gallery of high resolution photographs and more angles visible here:
    Leica M8u (upgraded to 8.2) FOR SALE

    I've also uploaded a gallery of sample images taken with a Nokton 40mm f1.4 Classic, uncoded:
    M8u Samples - FOR SALE


    I'm asking $2300 plus $40 dollars shipping for this M8u.

    $40 dollars shipping includes USPS Priority with Insured value of $2300 and signature confirmation.

    I will not be able to ship this internationally.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!
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    Re: Black Leica M8u (M8.2 upgrade)

    Great Price !
    Sony NEX 7
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    Re: Black Leica M8u (M8.2 upgrade)


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