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Thread: FS/FT: Fuji X100 with Accessories - $700 shipped to North America

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    FS/FT: Fuji X100 with Accessories - $700 shipped to North America

    Hey all!

    I'm selling my early Fuji X100. I bought this when it came out for a whopping $1300 before tax (the only store in town that had it made use of the status of... being the only store in town that had it). I've never had a problem with it since then. No sticky aperture, no shutter issues, hot shoe fires, all controls work.

    The screen has had a screen protector on it since day 1. I bought a third party case and hood (with the filter ring adapter) for it shortly after, and both have stayed on since I got them.

    Operationally, the camera is perfect. Lens is clean and clear, no scratches. Aperture ring is clicky, focus ring is smooth, dials are clicky, shutter release is responsive. It's updated to it's latest firmware. The battery holds a charge.

    Cosmetically, the camera is nice. It's not in mint condition or anything. It was my primary camera for almost a while after I bought it. The top plate has a few scratches near the edges, and the hood has a bit of paint loss around the edges as well. The viewfinder has a little bit of dust in it, but nothing that obstructs view... I have trouble finding the dust when I look through the finder.

    I'm selling the camera because ever since I got my M8, I've been using that as my primary digital camera. The Fuji X100 just doesn't get enough love. I sent it back home (I'm out of town for school right now) because my parents wanted a digital camera to use, but they found it too complicated for them.

    The sale will come with the original box and all the accessories that came with the camera. It'll also come with the hood, filter ring adapter, and case that I bought separately. I also made a little paracord wrist strap for it, it comes with that too

    Though, when I lent my parents the camera, they took off the case (too bulky for them) and left the original box at home when they brought it back to me. I'll be home to get it soon, but if anyone buys the camera now, I can make a trip back to gather all the items being shipped out

    I'm asking for $700 shipped and paypalled within North America, international deals will have shipping ontop of the $700. I accept paypal, or EMT within Canada.

    I'm also looking for trades... but I do prefer cash. If you've got a Voigtlander 15mm in M mount, I'd be more than happy to work out a trade with you. I'm also interested in a Fuji GW690 ii or iii, or a Leica CL or M2. I wouldn't mind trading towards one of those.

    I tried to get an image of the wear on the top plate...

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