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Thread: FS : Leica M3 & Summicron 50mm DR

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    FS : Leica M3 & Summicron 50mm DR

    For Sale is my precious Leica M3 Single Stroke. Recently CLA by Sherry Krauter.

    Including Summicron 50mm Dual-Range with Goggle. Bought from B&H Used. Condition 9.

    Body is in perfect working condition. All shutter speed runs perfect. The viewfinder is flawless, dustfree and scratch free. The only sign of age on the metal body is on top by the left of the flash rail. A small dimple, which was already there when I purchased it. The leatherette had some loose chipped leather where the base attaches and below the lens mount. Although all the leatherette issues has been fixed by Sherry Krauter by filling in the cracks.

    Lens elements are pristine. I cannot see any cleaning marks nor scratches. Shining a light on the otherside of the lens shows only a minute number of dust. No haze nor fungus. The barrel has some buzz marks from putting on and off the goggle. The goggle lenses are pristine. Clean and scratch free. BTW bought this lens from B&H used department and they rated this as a 9.

    I'm in NJ and willing to meet in the NYC area for a face-to-face transaction. (I'm also selling a 50mm Collapsible, let me know guys if you are interested.)

    $2,400 net to me. OBO. CONUS only. I will include ground UPS.
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