Don't normally do 'feelers', but WTH.

Have a VERY clean CDN model D3S, that in all likelihood, coming for sale very shortly

I run a pair of D3S bodies in studio and on location. One as backup with a manual focus lens, the other tethered. While never go above iso 1600, LOVE the sensor in this beast. I mean LOVE.

That said, instead of having two identical bodies, I've decided to go with a D3S + D3X pair. Like the pro size, same menus, same batteries, etc., but could some more crop-ability for some shots. Also like staying one gen behind.

Due to take delivery of the X this weekend and if all good, my backup, lower use D3S will be posted. That said, I purchased by existing two bodies about a year apart from same studio pro, so not expecting any issues.

CDN unit.
VERY, VERY clean -- looks virtually new. Former owner, like myself shot 99% in studio and VERY careful with gear.
Works like a charm, no functional or cosmetic 'gotchas'
App. 53K activations, so just broken-in.
Charger, one battery, box, strap.
NO manual (no idea where went which is odd since manual is $%^ huge). I just run the downloaded pdf on my iPhone and iPad.
Last used for 24-36 shots about 1 week ago.

Etc, etc, blah, blah

CDN $3700 shipped via Canada Post. If by some miracle your local to Nova Scotia, we can work out a lower non-shipped price.

Also have an L bracket coming w/X I won't use (prefer plate), but, so if interested, will chuck in (fits X & S) for $100.

Payment EMT (if in Canada) or by PP (add 3%).

In short - if interested, let me know. now, interest is great, but once listed, bear in mind first to pay is first to play. references here or on FM as Conner999. Also Ebay as Kumara999.