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Thread: FS: Mamiya 200mm F2.8 APO

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    FS: Mamiya 200mm F2.8 APO

    Mamiya 200mm F2.8 APO
    $1025 "Net to Me"; US Shipping $20

    I have owned this lens for 3-4 years and it has been great performer with the Phase One P65+, Leica S2 and Mamiya ZD. Cosmetically the 200 APO is in excellent condition with just some minor rub marks / blemishes in the paint. There are no dents, etc. The worst blemish is the rub mark shown in the first picture (on the built-in hood). Focus is smooth and the aperture cleans crisply, cleanly from stop to stop. There are no scratches or marks on the elements. There are some small dust particles if looking through the lens when held up to the light. The lens is pixel sharp at F2.8 and bokeh is superb.

    This Mamiya 200mm APO is probably my favorite lens in the Mamiya 645 line-up (it can be used on a Mamiya / Phase One body, but it is 100% manual). But I need to sell it because I bought the Leica 180S about a month ago. For more info and sample pix, I wrote a review awhile back - Mamiya 200mm F2.8 APO Review. The sale includes the lens, the hood extension, Mamiya front and rear caps and the box / packaging.

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    Re: FS: Mamiya 200mm F2.8 APO


    I this lens still available?

    Drew Harty

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