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Thread: WTB - Digital MF Back for Hasselblad V Mount

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    WTB - Digital MF Back for Hasselblad V Mount

    Looking for something relatively modern (past 5-10 years or so) with 20mp+ resolution and as close to a full frame sensor as possible.

    Leaf Aptus, Phase One, Hasselblad...all will be considered.

    Anyone have one they would like to unload?


    UPDATE: So after doing a little math and some research, I have settled on a few qualifiers for the back I am looking to buy, they are...

    1 - Price : looking to spend ideally in the $4-5k range. I am new to MFDB's and would love to hear any suggestions you guys might have for the "best back for my buck."

    2 - High ISO Performance : I will be using this back/camera for outdoor/location shooting almost exclusively. Some days Im sure ill be able to happily fire away at 100/200 without a care in the world, but I will need 800ISO and would like a back that can deliver good (doesn't have to be AMAZING) results.

    Thanks for the responses so far!
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    Re: WTB - Digital MF Back for Hasselblad V Mount

    PM'ed you.

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