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Thread: Contax 645 kit for sale

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    Contax 645 kit for sale

    I'm selling my Contax 645 kit with body, lens, prism, 120/220 back, polaroid back(not pictured) and vertical grip. The camera shows usual wear and tear. It is in working condition. I have shot a job with this camera as recently as last week. selling b/c I'm switching over to hassy v system. THe lens is clean and clear. no marks/haze/etc on glass. Just some wear marks around the outer edge of the barrel. the prism is pretty scuffed up and the eyecup is from a contax ax but works perfectly. the body is in much better condition cosmetically.

    Asking $2200 shipped. payment via paypal or chase quickpay. I'm more of a lurker here but, you check out my ebay profile: bfontenot52. have sold and bought a good amount there w/ good feedback. And my personal website is here if you'd like to know who I am: Brady Fontenot

    also Includes:
    front/rear/top body caps.
    front/rear lens caps
    prism cap
    missing cap for back.

    2 minor issues:

    the lug on the vertical grip is missing so you will not be able to attach a strap.
    the small thumb button on the vertical grip does not trigger the focus when focus is in "M" mode. This button works fine on the actual body. And you can of course focus using the shutter button on both the body and the vertical grip when camera is in autofocus mode.

    here's some photos.

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    Re: Contax 645 kit for sale

    bump. accepting reasonable offers.

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