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Thread: FS/FA: Sinar Hy6/e75r

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    FS/FA: Sinar Hy6/e75r

    Whoops, title should read "FS/FT", not "FS/FA"...

    I have decided to step down to 645 format from 6x6. It's been a really difficult decision for me because the ergonomics of the Hy6 are terrific. It's a joy to hold and use. But I've come to realize I'd benefit from a focal plane shutter and long, fast tele glass for my nature work.

    I've decided to offer the Sinar Hy6 for sale, along with three lenses. Here are the details:

    Camera (No scuffs, no scratches, mint condition. Camera and back are new as of September, 2008. Only 1926 actuations.):
    * Sinar Hy6 camera body
    * Sinar Hy6 eMotion75LV (latest revision)
    * Sinar Hy6 revolving mount (if you haven't tried it, you'll love it)
    * Sinar Hy6 waist-level finder
    * Sinar Hy6 45-degree prism finder

    * Schneider-Kreuznach Xenotar 80/2 PQ HFT
    * Zeiss Planar 110/2 PQ HFT (yes, the legendary 110/2!)
    * Schneider-Kreuznach AF Tele-Xenar 180/2.8 PQ HFT

    * Standard Hy6 focusing screen
    * Bill Maxwell split-recticle focusing screen with microprism collar
    * 5 2000mAh+ batteries
    * 2 Sony dual chargers (world power compatible)
    * Original packaging, neck strap, wrist strap, etc.

    Price (to a good home ): $USD28.5K OBRO.

    If you are interested, contact me regarding payment & shipping--we can work out a split on those fees if it helps.

    If you're in the Seattle, USA area, you're welcome to visit to inspect and/or pick up the equipment.

    I will follow up with photographs if there is interest.


    I've had an offer for a swap for some hardware. I would consider a swap of the base camera + back for a like-condition (ie. mint, low actuations) Phase/Mamiya 645AFD III + Phase One P45+ VA back.

    If a swap is of interest to you, contact me and we can work out the details.

    Kind regards,
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