In order of importance:

- Leaf AFi [body] Pelican case. The one that takes the body and the back. The guy in France who said he had one hasn't responded in some time, Leaf think MAC group can help me, Yair hasn't responded to my message, none of the vendors stateside seem to have any (or know where to get them).
- 4560 backs. I'm after a few. A 6060 would be nice, too.
- Leaf branded 90' viewfinder.
- PQ/PQS lenses.

Whilst I do have money (yay) I also have a handful of barely used 645DF equipment if anyone is open to trade:

55/2.8, 80/2.8 LS, 150/2.8 D, 105-210/4.5 ULD, 645DF body, V-grip AIR, 50/4 SHIFT, 120/4 MACRO 'A'.

E-mail is best: [email protected] ..but PM's work, as do responses in thread.

Open to other (non Rollei) TFs: Cambo/Arca Swiss tech cams and lenses/Sinar arTec (M645 or AFi mount would be preferable). Because.. well.. why not.