Voigtlander 75/2.5. Fabulous condition. Not used much (focus is still a touch stiff). Comes with original boxes, lens, lens cap, lens hood, mount cap, generic LTM-M adapter, and viewfinder. $575.
Voigtlander 15mm viewfinder. OK condition. No scratches or gouges but the plastic has some bright spots. $80.
Canon 24mm f/2.8. Good condition. Comes with hood, hood box, lens, two lens caps (one Canon, one generic center pinch), and mount cap. $250.
Canon 35mm f/2. Original owner. Good condition, except it was dropped a few months after I bought it in 2005. The result was a few light gouges (pictured). Functionally perfect. No lens cap (unless I can find it.....). Comes with lens, original box, mount cap. $250.
Canon 100mm f/2. Good condition, just a few bright spots on the lens body. Comes with hood, lens cap, mount cap, hood (marked up a bit, like they always are), and lens. $320.

All prices shipped and insured to the continental US. I pay the Paypal fee.