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Thread: Leica S2 System for sale! (30/70/120mm) +++

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    Leica S2 System for sale! (30/70/120mm) +++


    Due to family multiplications, washingmachine killing itself, wife wants new kitchen.. =) im looking to sell my Leica S2 system setup.. ok I also want a mono...

    It is in very good condition, no scratches or any marks to speak of..

    It consists of the following:
    S2 Body
    30mm f/2.8 Elmarit
    70mm f/2.5 Sumarit
    120mm f/2.5 Sumarit Macro

    1 extra battery, Remote Cable release and all other included accessories.

    All bought less than one year ago from respectable dealer in Netherlands.

    Im located in Oslo, Norway so I can ship from here or meet buyers that are in the "neighborhood"..

    Price:28.500 USD ( I may be interested in taking a 50 NX 0.95 as a part of payment.. and other >1.4 lenses)

    Payment:Preferred Swift/Iban

    Shipping: After your wishes (not included)

    I can provide photos if wished, I also have all boxes for the kit.

    I do have also two lenses with Leica S adapters, the Hasselblad 110f2 and Mamiya 80mm f1.9 theese will be sold when the kit goes.. or can be included for a negotiable price..

    Please dont hesitate to contact me if you are wondering about anything..


    are at marmelade dot net
    Last edited by aremarmelade; 10th November 2012 at 13:29. Reason: forgot that i could be on the look for a partial trade of M lenses..

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    Re: Leica S2 System for sale! (30/70/120mm) +++

    Sold off forum.

    Still have Mamiya 80 f1.9 N and Hasseblad 110 f2 Zeiss with Leica adapters for sale.. will list both shortly.



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