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Thread: FS: LNIB Hasselblad 903SWC

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    FS: LNIB Hasselblad 903SWC

    For sale is my Hasselblad 903SWC in box. This camera was never used and kept in the box away from sunlight. Thus, the color of the lens is still in perfectly black. As you know the color of the CF lens changes if light is exposed over long duration of time. This lens is sharper than the 905SWC version and is considered the best Biogon 38mm lens. Alpa also made these lens (500 in CF and 500 in CFi). In the Alpa mount, the CF (the equivalent of the Hasselblad 903SWC) is more desirable than the CFi (the equivalent of the Hasselblad 905SWC) for the same reason; better optical performance. My price is $7500 net and firm.
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    Re: FS: LNIB Hasselblad 903SWC

    Is this camera still for sale? I would be interested in discussing its condition and purchase terms with you if: (1) it is chrome (silver, not black) and is "like new," "mint," "flawless," "pristine," "perfect" as those terms are generally used by sellers of similar equipment on eBay (conforms in all respects to factory specifications in parts, condition, and operation; i.e., includes all original parts that were included with the camera at the time of manufacture and first sale and is in the same condition (cosmetically and noncosmetically) and operates as when the item was manufactured), (2) the body was made in 1999 or later, with the serial no. containing the letters EE or Sx, where x is a letter), (3) you provide the serial nos. of the body and lens, (4) you set forth what is included with the camera (front lens cap, rear body cap, viewfinder, camera strap, instruction manual, certificate of inspection, warranty, packaging (including Styrofoam inserts) that matches in serial no. the serial no. of the body, (5) you confirm that you are the original purchaser of the camera at retail, (6) you are able to provide close-up photographs of the camera from every angle to confirm that it is in the desired condition, and (7) you would be amenable to an inspection by Hasselblad Bron, Inc. ("HB"), the U.S. Hasselblad distributor, and return of the camera for refund of its price if HB finds any defects (a) that I am unwilling to accept or (b) that I am willing to accept but you are unwilling to cure. You would bear the cost of shipping to HB and I would bear the cost of shipping to me if I accept the item or to you if I reject it. You would bear the risk of loss or damage in shipment to HB, to me, or back to you. If I accept the camera and it is shipped to me, I would bear the risk of loss going forward from the time of the camera's delivery.

    We would also need to think of an escrow arrangement so that each of us can be sure that the other party performs. I would prefer to conduct the transaction through eBay so each of us is protected, but an alternative impartial third party such as HB may be able to serve as an escrow agent. (For example, you send the camera to HB for inspection. You authorize HB to discuss with me the camera's condition and all defects. You authorize HB to send the camera to me if I provide HB proof of payment to you, such as a wire transfer of funds, or to return the camera to you if HB receives confirmation from both of us that I have rejected the camera. Of course, HB may not be willing to assume that responsibility. In that case, we would have to consider an alternative. That's why eBay is convenient.)

    In addition, if your item is in the condition I desire, I would like to discuss it with you by telephone while you have it with you. I would also draft a purchase agreement that would set forth the above points in greater detail. This is typically what I do for all purchases (domestic and foreign) via eBay of used equipment of significant value whose latent defects are not easily determinable by a nontechnician.

    Please feel free to contact me at the mobile number below or through eBay. When you reach me, I will provide you my physical address and an e-mail address through which we may communicate. If you contact me, please provide your name, business name (if any), physical address, telephone number where you can be reached during normal business hours, and e-mail address. Finally, if you wish to confirm my bona fides, you may consult my eBay feedback as user "ars.juris" and the manager of HB's repair department at (800) 367-6434, ext. 308, who can attest to my use of HB for inspections of completed purchases and purchases in-process.

    Thank you for considering my expression of interest. Please do not reply by posting a message to this forum as I just joined it to contact you and will not generally check it. In addition, I do not regularly check my eBay messages. I believe your message should be forwarded to my e-mail address of record, but if the message is not, please allow several days for me to get back to you.

    Eugene Won
    eBay user: ars.juris
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Mobile: 808-585-9595

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