Due to my disability taking over I have ended my wedding photography business and am selling of a bunch of gear. Shown here will be a Canon 5D, 20D and a Sigma 8mm f3.5 fisheye lens.

Canon 5D:

Don't have to say much about this incredible camera other to say that I used it for 6 years of wedding photography and this entire site Timeless Jewish Fine Art was shot with it. It has never once missed a beat. To this day I still cannot see a single DSLR on the market that can replace its pixel level sharpness.

Boxed with two original Canon batteries and all the paperwork, etc that was in the box. Also included is the EE-D grid screen for use with the 5D (in addition to the standard one). The camera has been much used over the past 6 years and as such has a number of rub marks and missing paint. The links below will show numerous close up pictures of this. However. The LCD screen on the back was replaced about 3 years ago. The shutter was replaced a year ago and the mirror box was replaced just a month ago. In other words what you are getting inside the somewhat used exterior is almost completely new innards, at least where it counts. The shutter has well under 10,000 frames on it, I've been in and out of hospital all year so have hardly used it and the mirror box has just been replaced. When the mirror box was replaced I insured that the focus was recalibrated and it is accurate at f1.8 on all my primes. Exterior being what it is the price is very low and lower still if you do a direct bank transfer not paypal (for people I recognise only). Please note that the original Canon charger is not included having gone to the electronics junk box years ago. The canon chargers are not very reliable. You can buy a charger on ebay for 5 so no big deal.

Links for bigger pics:

Incredible price of 385 including Special Delivery postage! 360 if you don't use paypal.

Also available is a RRS L plate for the 5D, just ask!

Canon 20D:

Bought as 3rd backup for weddings and as such practically never used! Comes boxed with all the original stuff, again no battery charger, I pinched this one when my other ones died till it too died, the canon chargers are junk! Just 5 for a charger on ebay though. Body is in great condition. Tiny scratch across the set button but you have to try hard to see it. 20D is a really nice camera, I used one for years for wedding photography (not this one) until I replaced it with a 5D. The camera includes two original Canon batteries.

Here are the higher res pics:


Priced at very low 150 including Special Delivery! 125 if you pay without paypal.

Sigma 8mm f2.5 Fisheye Lens:

What can I say? 180mm FOV, stupidly sharp, contrasty but seems to manage to preserve DR at the same time (no idea how they did that!) A perfect lens for virtual tour use as you can photograph a scene in just 3 frames. Also a lot of fun for goofing around with.

Hardly used, looks exactly like new, boxed and with everything it shipped with.

High res:

Yours for just 425 posted Special Delivery!

Also available for sale is a Nodal Ninja 5 pano setup and a Sunwayfoto DYH-66 levelling head, just ask!

Please PM me if you are interested or call on 0161 740 5021.