Use Profoto Acute packs, Compacts and D1s and am looking to shuffle some gear around within the family tree as it were.

So, if anyone interested, am looking to swap out an existing AcuteB 600 kit and goodies (see details below), acquire at least one more D1 500 AiR -- and pick up a BatPac to power my existing units when needed off AC.

Acute B 600 Kit - Purchased new by me frim Vistek in Toronto. Works like a charm, very clean. Used 90% of time on AC, so battery is LN. Includes pack, head, standard 1A charger PLUS optional (and %^&* costly) 2A charger (functions as AC adapter on 600B) and the 85W modeling light bypass adapter.

The D1 Air unit MUST have the latest firmware onboard permitting the switching to Bat mode

Let me know if have D1 to sell, or interested on some form of swap.