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Thread: Closed Fuji GF670, Canon 50/1.8 LTM, Leitz 35/3.5 Summaron M

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    Closed Fuji GF670, Canon 50/1.8 LTM, Leitz 35/3.5 Summaron M

    Near perfect GF670 with Lens shade. Includes original boxes and strap, and the lens shade pouch.

    The only flaw is a tiny mark on the film reminder slot on the back.

    Amazing camera! I just have not used it that much since I got it. In fact there is a roll of Ektar loaded that I will need to finish before shipping it. Fresh batteries. Super bright viewfinder, great RF patch, perfectly aligned. Excellent meter. Shoots 6x6 or 6x7.


    The next two should be excellent for Monochrom users.

    Canon 50/1.8 LTM. Nearly perfect...barely visible signs of use. Glass is clean and clear. No cleaning marks, no scratches. None of the haze that is common on the Canon LTM lenses. Minor amount of the usual dust which affects nothing. Focus super smooth, aperture perfect. Includes rear cap and lens bubble. $300.

    Leitz Wetzlar 35mm Summaron-M f/3.5, Non-goggled.

    This lens is gorgeous. Can't seem to find any signs of use on this brightmarks on the chrome. Glass super clean, no issues. Focus and aperture silky smooth. This is the M mount Summaron from the early 50s, designed for the M3, which was the only M camera at the time. As such, it was designed for use with a 35mm viewfinder; when mounted it brings up the 50mm frames since there were no 35mm framelines in those days. It could be modified to bring up the 35mm frames if that's important to you. If not, I have a mint 35mm Avenon brightline viewfinder available (not shown.) Includes Leitz bubble case. Takes standard 39mm filters. If you want a Leitz chrome ring UVa filter for it I have one of those. This is a great lens, very underrated. Check this thread:


    Paypal or checks or bank wire; prefer payment methods that don't charge fees. I ship worldwide. Lots of sales history, satisfaction guaranteed.

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