Linhof Technika Master, new bellows from "Custom Bellows UK", mint condition, $2,250 usd
- a beautiful camera

Linhof Super Rollex 6x9 roll film back, EX++, $400 usd

110mm f5.6 Schneider Super-Symmar XL, Copal 1, boxed, mint, $1,250 usd

150mm f5.6 Rodenstock APO-Sironar-S, EX++, $650 usd

150mm f2.8 Xenotar - Linhof Select black, EX++, $1,900 usd
- the 1 second and 1/2 second slow speeds do not run evenly, but do run. This is due to lack of use.
- minor dust, and a couple wispy cleaning marks on the rear lens, otherwise beautiful

150mm f4.5 Apo-Lanthar Linhof Select, with Linhof cam, EX++ $1,250 usd
- shutter runs fine, including slow speed, bit of dust in lens

Please add shipping and insurance fees (shipping from Canada). For items over $1000, if shipping to the USA, I will want to use FEDEX for insurance reasons, and will split the cost with you. For Canada, I can use Canada Post (they insure to $5K)

Photos on request