Price: $1,600.00
Payment method: PayPal
Item condition: signs of use, but very good condition.
Shipping instructions: Ships from Copenhagen-Buyer pays the shipment

I'm selling a Contax 645 kit.
1x Contax 645 Body (House),
1x Contax MF-1 AE (Autofocus) Prism seeker,
1x Contax LA-50 Cable Switch,
1x Contax MFB-1 Film Cassette with MFB-1a 120/220,
1x Contax MP-1 Battery/motor grip.
1x Contax TLA 360 Flash
The original boxes are also included for the body, prism and film cassette.
Everything works perfect. Just tested the body with my digital back and it works fine.
The condition is very good because i have 2 kits and this kit was the back-up kit.
So not used as much. No lens. The kit is what is written here.

I'm the original buyer for this Contax kit. Only 1 owner (Me)
Bought here in Copenhagen 2006. Bought 2 complete kits.
This kit is the back-up kit and not used as much (No lenses)

I bought a Canon 5D MK III and a Canon 1D MK IV back in 2010 and have used this since.
The Contax kit with the digital back is to slow for the action/sport shooting i do right now.
To much gear to bring etc.

1600$ + shipping (Maybe we can split the shipping ?)