Selling my Digiflex2 body ( nikon lens/Hasselblad V digiback mount).
It is in great shape, only minor signs of use: 475,00 euro.

Also for sale:
Imacon 132C back with Rollei 600x adapter: 2975,00 euro
Hasselblad H1 body without lens: 995,00 euro
Sinar Copal shutter with original cable release, sync cable: 299,00 euro
Mamiya 200mm 2,8 APO: 625,00 euro 2x extender 175,00 euro as set: 750,00 euro
Phase One studiokit for 4/5 camera: 625,00 euro
Phase one Photophase Plus for 4/5" camera: 775,00 euro
Hartbleicam HB1 with Mamiya/Canon mount, as new: 4750,00 euro