Ok withy my Contax 645 sold, I forgot all about this really neat device. I believe (and Keith at Kapture Group can verify) that it is the ONLY Leica "R" sliding back they did. I used with the P45+ and no vignetting and P65+ with some vignetting, but very usable image circle. On a P30 or P40 would have no issue. Can be used with the Contax Film and Polaroid backs as well.
This is a precision Kapture Group sliding back, with Copal 0 shutter and I used and will include the Hasselblad viewfinder. 45'

If you have a Contax 645 and any longer R lenses (I used with the modular And got some great shots, at 800mm), or for detailed MAKRO work this is a really interesting addition.

Includes a nice aluminum carrying case.

I also have a 28" RRS plate and a lens support on front. It converts the system into an incredibly stable 'optical bench' since the camera, back, slider and lens are all locked onto the same plate, and can be tripod mounted. Sort of the ultimate long range wildlife system

and it can be yours for

$1500, asking w/o bench and support, $1700 with optical support.

(It was $3000-3500) new.

let me know