Hi everyone,

I bought this camera about 6 months ago because I needed a great studio camera for fashion / editorial work. Obviously, fantastic camera, but I really want something smaller so I can have my camera with me a lot more often. I miss shooting everyday. The D800 is just so big and expensive! I'm thinking of switching to the Fuji X mount system.

I'll post pictures tonight when I get home. The camera is in basically new condition. Fewer than 4000 actuations for sure, but I'll get the exact number tonight. I always, always keep it in the camera bag.

Comes with everything, box, papers, manuals, USB, battery (still great health) and charger.

Asking $2400 via paypal and shipped either USPS or UPS.

Thanks, and feel free to ask questions. If you'd like to see images taken with this camera, look here: michaelhulcher.com. Almost everything was taken with the D800. Or click the 'f' icon to get my flickr stream.