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Thread: FS: Brand New H4D-31 with 28 HCD

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    FS: Brand New H4D-31 with 28 HCD

    Yeap, Never used, never open, I recently swap all my Leica gear (less my M7 and a coming 50 Sonnar, one year one camera/lens) for this kit, firstly thinking about use it, later thinking about sell it instead of all the lenses.. I'm tired of buy and sell, I really don't want to dedicated more time to this and go out , waste a lot of rolls and spent my spare time in the wet darkroom.

    So, I'm waiting for it, please, someone who buy it! No needs of more tentations next to me!!

    Thank You all, and hopefully, last time in very long time You will see me in this sub-forum

    Kit will be in Spain or London, depends.

    8000€ net to me. And of Course all the warranty remaining.

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    Re: FS: Brand New H4D-31 with 28 HCD

    Hi Bruno,

    Can you just let me know if it comes with a 80mm lens, I am based in london,


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