Selling my last LTM-M mount lens.

Voigtlander Nickel Heliar 50mm F2 with lens hood hood cap, LTM-M adapter, and M mount rear cap in the original box.
It is missing LTM rear cap.

This has been working great with my digital Leica, but since I moved away from Leica, this also has to go.

New sells $799 at Camera Quest.
Mine is for $650 including US ground shipping cost and paypal fee.
If you are willing to mail your payment (check, MO, or cash), I will take 3% off.

Pictures available at FM forum. (Follow the link below.)
FS: PICTURES~Voigtlunder Heliar 50mm f2 limited ver. LTM - FM Forums

Let me know if you have question.
Thank you.