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Thread: Fuji GW690iii, Konica Hexanon 50mm f/2, Ricoh GRD IV Extras, Nikon D200 & Extra Lense

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    Fuji GW690iii, Konica Hexanon 50mm f/2, Ricoh GRD IV Extras, Nikon D200 & Extra Lense

    $450 - Fuji GW690iii - I have owned this camera for roughly 2-3 years and have really enjoyed the camera! It makes for a fantastic travel camera, beautiful negs and a damned sharp Fuji 90mm f/3.5 lens. I acquired a GF670 over the summer and I have been using it more and more. I am selling the GW690iii to finance some travel as well as some other photography items. Here's the lowdown on the camera:
    Cosmetics - EXC- to BGN. Camera is missing a small chip on the bottom, the plastic shows some minor wear and the overall look is used. The RF is aligned, and the lens has no cleaning marks, separation or otherwise that I can discern.
    Mechanics - everything is smooth smooth smooth, and the film spacing is even! Aperture is snappy, the detents on the shutter move firm and true. The lens hood is slightly difficult to pull out and has been this way since I purchased the camera used from KEH. It does not affect the use of the camera, but I make the disclosure in the sake of buyer knowledge. High resolution photos of the camera here:

    $500 - Konica Hexanon 50mm f/2 (KM / Leica M mount) - Lens is being sold because I purchased a Leica Summicron 50mm f/2.
    Cosmetics - EXC+ to EXC- - minor paint wear typical for these lenses along the barrel and the aperture ring. Glass is flawless with only a few specks of dust.
    Mechanics - Smooth as can be. Lens was CLA'd by DAG in late 2012 for digital use and is accurate on a friend's M9 camera.

    Lens comes with original front cap, generic rear cap and a little Summicron focus tab adhered with 3M outdoor tape. Tab can be removed if desired.

    $500 - Ricoh GRD IV - Selling this one because it isn't seeing much use.
    Cosmetics - EXC - little to no signs of wear, other than a few blemishes on the LCD. I installed an LCD protector on the camera when I received it and it has remained on the camera ever since.
    Mechanics - Everything operates as it should, about 4k actuations on the camera.

    The camera comes with the 28mm VF, the 21mm wide angle adapter & rubber lens hood / cap, plastic lens hood, remote shutter release cable and boxes / papers for everything.

    $200 -Nikon D200 - This was my original "work" camera and has served me well! The camera shows some use and I believe the shutter count is about 18k.
    Cosmetics - Minor wear and tear here and there. Camera overall looks pretty clean but isn't new by any standards.
    Mechanics - everything works as it should. I've never had a problem with this camera.

    Camera ships with body cap, papers, 2 extra batteries battery charger, and the camera strap. I have the original box, but no inserts for it since it holds some odds and ends.

    $25 - Nikon 35mm f/2.8 AI lens - sharp, smooth focus, smooth aperture. Nothing really to say about this lens, but it's cheap!

    $50 - 50mm f/1.8 Series E Nikkor - Beautiful lens and one that I hate to sell. It just doesn't get much better / smaller than this. No cleaning marks, everything looks good on this one.

    $50 - 100mm f/2.5 Nikkor AI - This is the version without the built in lens hood. The lens has some internal hazing which has not affected my pictures. I generally use this in the studio and I get great results. Here's a sample shot w/ the lens:

    I prefer to keep sales within the USA because I have lost shipments overseas. Paypal is included, shipping is determined by weight / volume, generally $10-$20.

    If you want to buy a few things, let me know! I will combine shipping / lower the prices on these items. Photos on most of the items are coming soon, I need to get my studio set up again.

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    Re: Fuji GW690iii, Konica Hexanon 50mm f/2, Ricoh GRD IV Extras, Nikon D200 & Extra L

    Nikon 105 sold
    Nikon 35 sold
    Konica 50/2 hexanon sold
    Fuji GW690iii sold
    Ricoh GRD IV sold.

    Only the D200 and the 50mm series E nikkor remaining! I have a few other Nikon items for sale as well:

    $125 - Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX EXC+ - original owner, flawless glass, some minor cosmetic blemishes to the barrel and a filter on the lens since day one.

    $75 Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AF-D - EXC- Original owner, flawless glass and a bit of dust. I've had this one for a few years and it has been really good to me. I hate to see it go, but it's about time.

    $250 Nikon SB-700 - EXC+ been used about 10-15 times for event shooting but I don't use flash much these days. Comes with foot, pouch, diffuser and both plastic colored gels.

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