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Thread: FS: OLYMPUS 24mmPC modified for NIKON

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    FS: OLYMPUS 24mmPC modified for NIKON

    A very nice Olympus 24PC for Nikon, purchased from the DPI's senior administrator Jack, back in '07. He said it was a sharp copy of the lens, and after using it with a medium format DB and Silvestri NK, can attest to that. I purchased the Nikon 24PC recently, and need to find a new home for the Olympus, so am listing it here. Its overall condition is as seen, very good, maybe EX with some minor marks on the body. The lens came with a tiny mark on the front element (see close-up pic) which does not affect image quality. It came with a pouch, and I'll include some printed info off the web. Asking 1200 US or best offer, plus shipping and insurance. See pictures below of the lens. Also, have a three building shots taken with a D300E to illustrate sharpness. Not sure if they will load on this site, but will make an effort to make them available for viewing.

    An additional note re: the bayonet mount. When the lens is mounted on the body so the information scale is pointed upward (as is normal), the bayonet mount does not click-lock into place, so one must be careful not to rotate the entire lens when shifting or focusing or it may disconnect from the body. When the lens is rotated so the bayonet does click into place, the distance scale and shifting mechanism are no longer vertical or horizontal but at an angle which probably wouldn't be used. Hope that isn't confusing. It was never a problem for me, but important that this mounting anomaly be mentioned.
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    Re: FS: OLYMPUS 24mmPC modified for NIKON

    Seller: Now listed on Ebay.

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    Re: FS: OLYMPUS 24mmPC modified for NIKON

    Lowering price to 1000.00 plus shipping & insurance.

    An additional note: A camera technician may be able to remount the Nikon bayonet so it lines up and locks in place appropriately.

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