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Thread: DAG CLA'd Leica M3 ds...

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    DAG CLA'd Leica M3 ds...

    My Leica M3 is currently at DAG for a complete CLA. The vulcanite is also being replaced, so will look virtually new aside from a small, tiny (fingernail?) mark near the rewind knob. The camera is being brought back to factory standards and the RF should be perfect. I've read that many feel the DS is better on the camera gears, simply because of less torque/rewind ratio. I'm considering selling the M3 (body) and would have it shipped as soon as the CLA is complete, therefore, the new owner will be the first to shoot with their "new" Leica M3. Many have said that the M3 is the best Leica ever, in terms of mechanical perfection. I'll price the M3 at $1199. If there's any interest please PM me.
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