FS: Canon 14mm f/2.8 L Mark II in EX++ or 9+ condition. Glass is clear and clean, body has no marks, scratches, or dings. Only the cap has some minor rub marks, and the shade petals have rub marks where the cap attaches, and these are quite minor. Except for these minor rub marks, Iíd call this mint-minus (only a new or unused lens should be mint). UW date code. Images are superb Ė a very unique rendering for creative applications. Have box, but Iíve sold my house and put everything in storage, and thatís where the box is now. Will have to sell without box, pouch, etc. as the lens sits in my camera bag, but will package exceptionally well and send the box when I tire of traveling and decide I need a shower. Selling ONLY because my truck needed shocks all around, I need two bus-driven 2-Tb storage drives, and social security just doesnít stretch that far. Iíve bought and sold for more than 20 years on FM (SteveP), POTN (where Iím most active), APUG (stp), hasselbladdigitalforum (stpf8), GetDPI (stpf8), eb*y (stp-montana), and others. Selling only in CONUS and to verified paypal addresses. Price includes shipping, and Iíll even cover the paypal fee (would appreciate but not require the gift option). Priced to sell at $1575 (includes all selling/shipping costs!). Best to contact me directly at [email protected]. Email me with any questions. Photos will follow. Thanks. Sincerely, Steve Penland.