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Thread: Leaf Aptus 65 w/Mamiya 645 AFD ll & Lens

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    Leaf Aptus 65 w/Mamiya 645 AFD ll & Lens

    Equipment List for Sale

    The Back-

    Leaf Aptus 65 back for Mamiya 645 AFDll 28 Megapixels (36701 actuations)
    This is the Aptus 65 back mounted for the Mamiya 645 AFDll body. I have been the sole owner of this back, it is in excellent condition. Even though it has 36701 actuations, I have taken exceptional care of it, 98% of the use was inside a studio, if I did take it on location it was never near the sand or harsh environments. And I have never , ever dropped it or used it as a waterski! I never touched the sensor, only cleaned it with a hand air plunger for the occasional speck of dust. The sensor is clean, no scratches and excellent condition. I have two batteries, charger, firewire cords caps and orginal box. You can also shoot to a CF Card which fits in the side of the back.

    Since the back is matched to the body I thought it best to sell them together.

    The Body-
    Mamiya 645 AFD2 ( no longer available - AFD3 are $4000) 4/24/06- $2750 Again sole owner of this body. It is in great shape with normal wear. It is in good working condition. Comes with original box.

    The Lens- AF 80mm F2.8 lens- I bought this used but it is in great shape no chips or scratches on the glass. It is actually my favorite lens. I only used the body and lenses with the digital back, mostly in the studio.

    My thoughts about this system- if you shoot with the normal ISO 50 or 100, this Aptus 65 back is great and will produce huge crystal sharp images,. If you shoot long exposures or with High ISO you will be unhappy. Unless leaf does something with their processing or software, (Maybe they have by now- I'm using Leaf Capture 11.4.5) the images with long exposures have too much noise. Colors are awesome for product , people and any commercial use. Dynamic range is great too. I used this system with a Cambo X2 pro setup where I could get tilt/ shift movements for that selected focus look which worked very well too.

    $5000-US & Shipping and Handling, Insurance
    I'll accept Paypal
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    Re: Leaf Aptus 65 w/Mamiya 645 AFD ll & Lens

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