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All reasonable offers are considered. Pls contact me for more details if required.
Pls note I tried my best to describe. if you have questions, pls ask. All sales are AS IS, no return.

1. MINT Nikon 180/2.8 ED AIS - $460
Absolutely mint Nikon 180/2.8 ED AIS lens. I am original owner. The lens is used very little.
Comes with both lens caps and original matching serial number box.
Nikon 180 - a set on Flickr

2. New Hawk S-50 Prominent Nokton Ultron Adapter for Leica M - $330
Bought brand new from the well know Hawk factory. Has been fine tuned for film camera use
and can be easily adjusted IF need be for digital bodies. Never used. Just mounted for doing
adjustments. High quality craftsmanship and material. Almost 1/2 the price of the Miyazaki.
Hawk - a set on Flickr

3. Excellent Rittreck 6x6 Rittron 80/2.8 - $1100
This is the original Rittreck 6x6 camera with Rittron 80/2, the faster 6x6 lens so far.
The camera body is in excellent condition, with minimum used marks. The shutter works at all speeds. Focusing
screen is upgraded to Split image with Microprism collar type. The only imperfection is the dent on the roof of the
prism. There is also a very small chip in the prism but it does not affect viewing at all. The Rittron 80/2 is pristine.
No scratches, no haze, no coating issue. The depth of view preview tab is missing but does not affect DOV preview.
Comes with a leather lens cap and a very strong and comfortable shoulder strap.
I also throw in an OEM metal lens hood..
Rittreck - a set on Flickr

Thank you