The highly reliable and very versatile Metz 54MZ-3 is getting rare as hen's teeth. It uses the SCA 3002 module system and can be used on a number of different cameras.

I used it primarily for fill flash on a Hasselblad H camera using the included Hasselblad branded SCA 3902 module which cost $180 alone ...

Metz SCA 3902 Module| B&H Photo Video

I highly recommend this set-up on the Hasselblad H cameras for simple fill flash of back-lit subjects using the higher sync speeds of the H camera = nicely exposed backgrounds, with a touch of fill on the subject. H camera assumes all compensation function via the 3902 module. Just press the lightening bolt grip button and adjust. All info appears in the H viewfinder. Fast and simple.

Also included are the SCA 3402 Digital module for Nikon iTTL, and a SCA 8083 Slave Module with Pre-flash slave ability. Basic Module that came with the flash also included.

Includes the 4 modules, Metz stand, and a easy to install/remove Harbor Master diffusion modifier for 45 bounce or wide angle applications. Velcro left on so other modifiers can be used.

I've sold my Hasselblad so my Price for all is $350 just to move it.