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Thread: Caution: Ebay Scam Phase + P65??

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    Caution: Ebay Scam Phase + P65??

    Watch out for this probable Ebay scam:

    Phase One Medium Format with P65 Digital Back | eBay

    Auction lists a "Phase One medium format" plus a P65. A local photographer notified me that he saw one of my watermarked images on Ebay.

    1. Seller posts an image of a Phase DF+ with the new IQ280. That's no P65

    2. Seller then posts one of my images of Dave Gallagher with his Cambo at one of our earlier CI in Carmel. Nice watermark, huh?

    3. Seller says he is getting rid of "all his film stuff" ---film? what's that?

    I notified Ebay about the auction.

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    Re: Caution: Ebay Scam Phase + P65??

    Haha..did you see the other stuff he's offering? Not one picture of the original items! And to think someone might fall for this...

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