Not really sure if I am doing the right thing, figured I would put a feeler out and gauge interest in this lens. I would have loved to use this lens with the new M, but I decided to take some time off from photography.

Hopefully, someone will convince me not to sell this lens

This Telyt 280/4 APO is a late serial ROM version, in exceptionally clean condition and mint. I'll post better images of the lens in the next few days after I return home from a work trip. I didn't use the B&S board here a lot, but have feedback on FredMiranda B&S. Can provide feedback upon request.

Some images with the lens (flickr link):

Flickr: ajay.c's stuff tagged with leicaapotelytr4280

Asking for $6000 (net to me), and only possible trade that i am interested is Summicron 50/2 APO ASPH.