Price: $300.00 donation to Fisher House for Military Families
Payment method: copy of donation to Fisher House
Pick up only in Arlington VA, across from Georgetown

I have had this printer for a few years. Two years ago I replaced the heads and ink carts, but haven't used it. I know one color has banding, but the head well simply needs to be cleaned and I never got around to it. I paid $3400.00 for this printer and I am willing to give it away to the person who will donate $300 or more to Fisher House for military families, which is of course, tax deductible. If you know printing and printers, you will realize what a find this 24" path printer is. I'm not going to bother shooting pictures of it, you can go to the HP website for those. Get a fantastic printer for a donation to a worthy cause.

If you are interested DO NOT PM, just send an email to me at [email protected]!, it is a lot faster.