Hi everyone,

I am interested in a Plaubel Makina 670 (with 80/2.8) in good condition with no mechanical or electronic issues, some cosmetic blemishes are ok. Preferably if it has been serviced recently.

I have the following items which I am willing trade (or trade plus cash)
- Leica M6 Millennium black paint 0.72 in mint condition
- Hasselbald 500C/M (late model) with CF 80/2.8, A24 film back, waist level finder, all in black and in good condition. I build up this set by hand picking each components individually and they are all later product models.

I also have a Mamiya 6 full set with all 3 lens and original hoods in good condition which I might consider trading but I have a feeling I might regret this, so I am not too sure about this yet but there is a possibility.

If you are not interest in trade, I can just buy the Makina 670 from you.

I have buy and sell in this forum a few times already and I can give you some names of the fellow established members here for reference.