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Thread: WTT: Black x100, Contax G 45mm , Kaza Half Case , Wotancraft Bag and more WANT M8

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    WTT: Black x100, Contax G 45mm , Kaza Half Case , Wotancraft Bag and more WANT M8


    Been cleaning my camera closet ( i actually have one ... ) and have a good deal of stuff i want to move since i don't use it enough to justify it just sitting there. I am in no way a collector so it makes more sense for me to try and find a new loving home and maybe get myself some new toys to play with.

    The case is that i want primarily trade these items. I can sell, but trades will get priority. I also have not set prices on the items since that is something we will work out it we are going to trade. Trades in the EU will also get priority over US or asia since i live in europe ( Norway ) and it is cheaper for me to ship in the EU. As i see it i cover my shipping in a trade and the other part covers his or her shipping.

    My want list is:
    Leica M8 or M8.2 - Condition is less important as long as it functions as it should. Would like a black, but a silver or panda would work.
    Voigtlander Skopar 21mm ( only m-mount )
    Voigtlander Ultron 35mm 1.7
    Voigtlander Skopar 50mm
    Voigtlander Nokton 50mm 1.5
    Kobalux / Avenon 21mm
    Contax G 21mm ( i value black more then the champagne )
    Contax G 28mm ( i value black more then the champagne )
    Contax G 35mm ( i value black more then the champagne )
    Fuji 14mm
    Fuji 18mm
    Fuji 60mm

    I might be interested in other m-mount lenses too so just offer up.

    My Items:

    #1 - Fuji X100 Black Limited edition

    Primarily interested in trading this against a M8 with money or items to even out a trade.

    Camera is in perfect condition but the lens hood has some small scuffs. Nothing bad and most would not notice unless you look closely. In other words it is in good condition. It comes with everything that originally comes with the camera and three batteries, one original and two non-original and last but not least a nice thumb grip.

    #2 - Voigtlander Bessa R2A

    This camera is used and have some scuff marks on the edges and dials. It is in my opinion not in bad condition, but it is NOT in collector condition. The grip have fallen off and been glues nicely in place again ( common problem that it falls off ). All in all a workhorse that is in used condition.

    #3 - Wotancraft City Explorer 006 Scout

    I LOVE! this bag with all my heart and is with a heavy heart that i am considering letting this go. The problem i have is that i have a lot of bags that just fits my need better then this so it does not get used as much as it should. It is used, but like billingham and domke bags most people thinks it only gets nicer with use. It is made of very heavy duty canvas and real thick and soft leather. On the inside the inlay is waterproof and very rugged. The carry strap had a very soft padding with rubber so it sits on the shoulder without the possibility off gliding off. All in all one of the best camera bags i have seen. It has space for three rangefinder or small camera bodys with lenses and lots of accessories. Alternatively two cameras and 2-3 lenses An ipad also fits in it without problem .... Look at the homepage for more info: http://www.wotancraf.../shop/bag/scout

    #4 - Kaza Leather Halfcase with strap

    Bought this and used it one night. Nothing wrong with the case since it is a real quality item, i just don't like to handle my x-pro camera with a case. I have small hands and it just don't feel right for me. It is in as new condition. http://www.kaza-delu...tail.php?id=159

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    Re: WTT: Black x100, Contax G 45mm , Kaza Half Case , Wotancraft Bag and more WANT M8

    #5 - Zeiss Planar 45mm 2 for Contax G ( can let this go with a metabones G to XF adapter )

    I got two of these so i am letting this legendary lens go. It is in very good condition. Please be aware that the macro lens i used to take these photos makes every bit of dirt and dust "come out". When you hold the lens in your hand it is in very good condition. The glass i clean and there really are no scuff marks on the body that are visible to me when i inspected the lens. The one issue with the lens is that is missing a small plastic cap on the body as seen in picture number two. This is easy to fix either with a bit of tape or a plastic bit taped in place with double sided tape ect. There is no risk of getting dust or particles inside the optic through the hole sine the whole optics on this lens is "closed". So if dust enters this hole it is only getting between the body and the lens assembly. As the title says i also have a metabone G to XF adapter i can trade or sell with this. It comes with a contax UV filter, hood, hood cap and rear cap.

    #6 - Metabones Contax G to Fuji XF adapter

    Very nice adapter that i don't need any more since i have converter all my g lenses to m-mount so i can use them on more of my cameras. ( i love G lenses as you might see. )

    #7 - Olympus OM Zuiko 50mm 1.8 and 28mm 3.5 lens with XF adapter

    Trading both of these together with the adapter. I have had the 50mm 1.4 and at 1.8 the 50mm 1.8 kicks the *** of the 1.4 regarding sharpness and contrast. Really goo with my x-pro, but as i have a good deal of m-lenses it hardly gets used. It is also very small, almost a pancake.

    The 28mm is a little different beast. No shallow DOF lens, but really sharp and nice contrast. In my opinion it almost renders pictures like a zeiss.

    #8 - Asahi Pentax 50mm 1.4 Super Takumar M42 with M42 to XF adapter

    Same reason for wanting to trade as the olympus lenses. Fantastic lens with amazing bokeh. Lens is in very good condition. No oil on the blades or fungus ect. In other words no issues. Comes with rear and front caps and a M42 to XF adapter.

    #9 - Canon 50mm 1.8 LTM / M39

    This lens is a real gem but it has a issue. The body and mechanics of the lens is in excellent condition, in fact i am tempted to rate this in mint condition. The optics is a little different story. It has some haze in the middle element. In my experience with using the lens it does not affect the image quality. It is a little hard to describe the issue. I tried to take a photo of it as seen in the third picture, but i could not get it visible. But when you put the lens to a light source and look through it, the haze is clearly visible. But as described it has not been affecting the pictures i have taken with the lens so the new owner can either use it as it is or buy a cheap 50mm 1.8 in bad condition with a nice middle element to replace this. These lenses are really easy to take apart ... and put together. It might also be possible to polish the haze away with some cerium oxide? I have seen it been done before.

    Steve Huff loved the lens:

    #10 - 135 panoramic kit for 120 cameras

    This is a really cool pice of gear that i don't get to use anymore since i have stepped back to using 35mm cameras only. It makes any medium format camera to a x-pan. This set is as far as i know compatible with all 6x7 medium format system cameras like mamiya, bronica ect. You can also use it with all other medium format cameras but then it would be without the viewfinder "shim".

    How it works is by putting the 35mm film with the bits in the medium format camera, and an empty 35mm case on the other side as take up spool. then you just shoot and rewind the film when you come to the end. If you don't use the shim that is meant to go in front of the film you get to expose the whole film like this : http://filmphotograp...n-your-horizons

    #11 - Cabel release

    34cm / 13.5" long. This i free in a trade just to sweeten deals ...

    #12 - X-Pro1 Hand Grip

    Again, i have small hands and this just don't work for me ...

    #13 - Small tripod

    Small tripod that can be strapped to poles, trees ect. Very handy. This i free in a trade just to sweeten deals ...

    #14 - Flash cable. Compatible with fuji and canon

    41cm / 16" long unstretched. 70cm / 27.5" stretched. This i free in a trade just to sweeten deals ...

    #15 - Cowboy Studio Flash Triggers

    Again these are spares i have. Works with the x-pro and x100. Includes one sender and two receivers.

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    Re: WTT: Black x100, Contax G 45mm , Kaza Half Case , Wotancraft Bag and more WANT M8

    PM Sent on X100 //
    Fuji X100T

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    Re: WTT: Black x100, Contax G 45mm , Kaza Half Case , Wotancraft Bag and more WANT M8

    PM sent for bag

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