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Thread: Feeler: Leica 90mm Elmarit-M in Silver-Chrome & Leica 6-Bit Coded

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    Feeler: Leica 90mm Elmarit-M in Silver-Chrome & Leica 6-Bit Coded

    Hi All,

    *** First let me request to send responses via e-mail to IRGdme "at" AOL "dot" Com instead of a PM, since I am on my small cell phone all day and PM's are hard to respond to on my phone***

    Simply to fund some other equipment, as hard as it is for me to think about letting this lens go, I am contemplating putting up my gorgeous Silver-Chrome Leica 90mm f2.8 Elmarit-M that not only was 6 Bit coded by Leica quite recently but they went over the lens as per my request.

    Needless to say all glass inside and out and all mechanics are simply flawless. Almost the entire barrel and cosmetic condition is mark of the nicest examples of the Silver Chrome version of this lens I've ever come across. The areas where I would denote use is when the silver sliding built in hood is slid out, underneath what is normally covered by the hood when in its retractable positing is an area that is shinier silver with same color marks indicating hood has been slid out or in. This is commonly found on most of the silver chrome versions of this lens as the tolerances for the sliding hood are very close so hood stays in its "out" position and doesn't slide back retracted.

    For those that love to have/use Leica silver chrome lenses and one of the bet performing of the 90mm's, this last version of the 90 f2.8 is the one to have and that's why it's hard to let go.

    A comes with original Leica front and rear cap and I have the correct Lica box for the silver chrome version of this lens but the serial # on the box doesn't match. Years ago a Leica rep did me a favor and gave me his own personal box when mine was lost in a move. no Leica case is supplied (lost with that 1st box).

    If I decide to go ahead and sell it, Although I don't think I'd sell it for much less than 1759.00 with free shipping in CONUS, it wouldn't hurt to suggest an offer. I'd be willing to ship/sell worldwide. Again keep in mind, unlike many of these lenses, this one is Leica 6 Bit coded which alone adds almost $300 to value of lens and on top of that, Leica recently went over the entire lens which added on top of that cost, for complete peace of mind.

    Again, please respond via e-mail to IRGdme "at" AOL "dot" Com instead of a PM. Thanks!

    Dave (D&A)
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