I have 2 lenses Dallmeyer Super-Six 3 in 1.9 and Dallmeyer Rareac 80mm 1,9 brand new condition..Both lenses are Dalcoated.

Six element double gauss lenses, covers 55 degrees.They good for 35mm and medium formats.

I wuld like to sell one of this lenses for $24.000 or Please make me the best offer.One of the similar lens but used condition was sold on ebay for $18,600, but my lenses are brand new.

Dallmeyer Super Six Anastigmat 3 1 4inch 83mm F1 9 Modified to PENTAX645 Mount | eBay

Dallmeyer Super-Six 3 in 1.9, Dalcoated

Dallmeyer Raerac 80mm 1.9, Dalcoated