New in the box, Nikon 360mm lens. The lens has never been mounted or used. I’ve taken it out of the box a few times but I never got around to finding a lens board for it. The box shows signs of shop ware but the lens is perfect!

Here is a link that shows all of the specifications:

Kerry L. Thaimann considers it a “Future Classic” and I quote: (Future Classics)
“360mm f8/500mm f11 Nikkor T-ED (805g, 67mm, 210mm - 185g weight for 500mm rear element) - see Figure 6.
Two great long focal lengths in one and a half lenses. ED glass, true telephoto design. Extremely sharp for a telephoto (as good or better than most "standard" designs for distant subjects). 360mm focal length useable with short bellows (~12") field cameras. 500mm length useable with about 16" of bellows. 720mm option also available if you want a really long 4x5 lens and have a long bellows monorail or field camera (Wisner or Canham). This baby is already in hot demand on the used market. Imagine what it will be like when they haven't been made for 20 or 30 years.”

This lens has the 360mm rear element but occasionally the 500mm and 720mm rear elements show up on the used market. The aperture scale has the setting for all three focal lengths.
If you have any questions or need more photos, let me know.

Nikkor T ED Lens with 360mm rear element
Front and rear lens caps
Retaining ring
Original box
Shipping (US only) and PayPal Fees

Price = $850 to your door (US only, international will cost extra)

P.S. What you are seeing in some of the photos is digital noise, the lens barrel is solid black.