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Thread: FS: Mamiya ZD slr with accesories

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    Jeff Laitila

    FS: Mamiya ZD slr with accesories

    Mamiya ZD SLR set with MANY accessories
    Price: $3,975

    Why do you want this camera? Because Size Matters! With a 36x48mm sized sensor that is TWICE the size of a full frame DSLR, yet lighter and more compact than a 1D Series Canon DSLR. This is a rare camera, so if you have been looking for one, here is your chance.

    Here is what is included in this sale:
    -Mamiya ZD SLR
    -Mamiya Batter charger
    -Mamiya Batteries, 4 in total
    -Mamiya IR Cut Filter and loading/storage cartridge
    -Mamiya Low Pass Filter and loading/storage cartridge
    -Mamiya RE401 Electromagnetic cable release
    -Mamiya FA301 Angle Finder
    -Mamiya ZD Focusing Screen Type A4 SD301 (Original focusing screen is currently installed in the camera, this is an extra focusing screen)
    -Mamiya DE302 (nearsighted) Eyepiece diopter lens (not currently installed)
    -Mamiya AF Auto Extension Tubes (NA 401, NA 402, NA 403)
    -Original Mamiya ZD SLR box and packaging, with manuals and software, etc…

    Payment Method : Paypal (no fees)
    Item Condition: 9+ Shows little or no signs of wear
    Shipping Method: USPS Priority Mail or Japan Post Global EMS
    Note: Although I live in Japan, I work at a U.S. Navy base, so I have access to a U.S. Post Office. However, the tracking used by the Japan Postal Service’s Global EMS is far superior to that of the U.S. Post Office.

    I have plenty of great feedback on fredmiranda (jeff laitila), as well as on eBay (Sushicam), getDPI (jeff laitila), and rangefinder forum (jeff laitila).

    All items are in excellent condition, and work flawlessly. I take really good care of my gear, and it is always stored in dry-boxes in a smoke-free home. I affixed a custom-cut LCD screen protector to it when I first purchased it, so the LCD is in pristine condition.

    I am not sure of the actuations count of this camera, but if I had to guess, it would be below 5,000. About a year ago I had it serviced by Mamiya Japan for an exposure issue (via the wonderful repair service offered by Mr. Bellamy Hunt of JapanCameraHunter(dot)com) and Mamiya replaced the main circuit board. I am looking for the Mamiya Service receipt, but have not been able to find it yet. Since it was repaired I have not used it very much, so it is nearly fresh back from being sully serviced by Mamiya Japan.

    Although not included in this sale, I also have the following lenses available for sale:
    Mamiya AF 35mm f3.5
    Mamiya AF 45mm f2.8
    Mamiya AF 55mm f2.8
    Mamiya AF 80mm f2.8
    Mamiya AF 150mm f3.5
    Mamiya MF 200mm f2.8
    Zeiss 180mm f2.8 with Zeiss (6x6) to Mamiya AFD adapter
    Hasselblad 110mm f2

    Thanks for looking!


    mamiya 3 by Sushicam, on Flickr

    mamiya 4 by Sushicam, on Flickr

    mamiya 2 by Sushicam, on Flickr

    mamiya 1 by Sushicam, on Flickr

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    Re: FS: Mamiya ZD slr with accesories

    Hello, Jeff

    Mamiya AF Auto Extension Tubes (NA 401, NA 402, NA 403) and DE302 is available for separate sale ? And what is the price ?

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    Jeff Laitila

    Re: FS: Mamiya ZD slr with accesories

    I'll let the set remain for sale as is for a bit. If that does not work I will then consider breaking it up.



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    Jeff Laitila

    Re: FS: Mamiya ZD slr with accesories

    This Mamiya ZD set now includes a Mamiya AF 80mm f2.8 lens with hood and front/rear caps.

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    Re: FS: Mamiya ZD slr with accesories

    Do you still have your 80/1.9?

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    Jeff Laitila

    Re: FS: Mamiya ZD slr with accesories

    Price drop to $3,675.

    You can find some sample images taken with this camera here:Mamiya ZD - sushicam

    (Yes, I still have the 80/1.9 however I am holding on to it)

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