Was awaiting a Leica M Typ 240, and didn't think I'd see one for a while. So committed to buying a Monochrom from a dealer. It is basically new and comes with a 2 year warranty from Leica.
Just heard that my M Typ 240 has just come in, and will arrive later this week.
Can't really justify keeping both, and really don't really want to give up color.
So, the Monochrom has to go. Technically, it cannot be called "New", since I'm not a dealer, but the camera is unused, and comes with Leica warranty.

$7750 includes fully Insured shipping and Paypal to CONUS.
Please PM me if interested.

I have bought and sold plenty here, on RFF, and on EBay (as Kerichokid). I have 100% +ve feedback on all these sites.