I thought I sold off all of my pro photo equipment, but I just found this beauty sitting in one of my bags. I put together a really nice, solid, lightweight and compact rotating bracket so that I could quickly switch from landscape to portrait orientation while on a monopod or tripod. It worked absolutely beautifully on both my Contax 645 and Phase One 645 cameras. However, I got the idea from a Hasselblad shooter (see here: Yuri's Favorite Photography Gadget: The Manfrotto Monopod - YouTube)

My bracket here is setup to take any Arca-Swiss "traditional camera plate", even though I include a plate only for the Contax 645/Mamiya 645 cameras.

Also, I have custom modified the mounting of this bracket to be mounted onto an Arca-Swiss slidefix mount, which are only found on Arca-Swiss ballheads such as the P0, P1, Z1, D4, and newer C1 cubes. So, please keep this in mind when considering to purchase this item. I found the slidefix mount to be the smallest, lightest and most rigid solution for me, and I just happen to only like the Arca-Swiss heads.

Here is a list of components that are included in this setup. Be sure to examine the attached photos as well (and the video link above). Any questions, just ask.

  • Custom Brackets Digital PRO-SV
  • Custom Brackets QRA-C Adapter
  • Custom Brackets PG Grip
  • Really Right Stuff B43 Plate for Mamiya/Phase One 645 and Contax 645
  • Custom mounted Arca-Swiss Slidefix SLR Quick Release Plate

The total retail value of this piece is over $400.

Sale Price: $275 + shipping.